TVS Open House at the Hidden Hill Observatory site 2013-05-04

On May 4th 2013 we had our first open house for 2013. A big THANK YOU to all who came, esp. new members and members interested in becoming observers at the site. Below are my impressions from the nights activities. (click on image for 1600x1200 size)

Arrival at dusk with a large caravan of cars

Club president Chuck gives an introduction to new members and new observers at the site.

The first stars come out in the west after sunset.

Long exposure time only leaves silhouettes of the observers lining up their telescopes.

Observers are gathering over a star chart while the club's red dobsonian telescope points south.

It's getting quite dark and my red flashlight illuminates the scene.

It's completely dark now and I need 5 min. exposure time to bring out the star trails. We see the light pollution from San Jose and Gilroy.


A telescope pointed at Saturn (the bright object at center left).

Looking north we see the star trail circling around the north pole. The equatorial mount below correctly points to polaris.

Copyright images and processing Gert Gottschalk.

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