Del Valle Observing Site

About the Del Valle observing site

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) has granted TVS a Special Usage Agreement which allows club members in good standing and their guests to observe at a specified hilltop location within the park any night of the year beyond the 10:00 PM curfew and until daybreak. While this site is not as dark as our Hidden Hill Observatory observing site, it is much closer to Livermore, and therefore more convenient. To access the Del Valle site, you need to fill out and sign the user agreement below and submit it to the club. The agreement can also be found in a PDF file.

Here is the Clear Sky Chart for the Del Valle observing site:
Clear Sky Chart

Del Valle User Agreement

In exchange for the opportunity to use the Del Valle observing site, I agree to: By my signature below I show that I have read and understood the above conditions for observing at the Del Valle site. I understand that the failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in the revocation of my privileges.
Sign and return this form to TVS by any of the following (email is preferred):
  1. Email to our Del Valle as a signed document, or
  2. Mail to Tri-Valley Stargazers, P.O. Box 2476, Livermore CA 94551, or
  3. Bring it to a regular TVS general meeting and hand it to an officer of the Club.
Upon approval, you will be given a map showing the location of the site and the combination to the lock on the access gate.