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Amateur Astronomy: Astrophotography, Software and Links



CCD gallery. Latest images March 2017
New images from the Hidden Hill Observatory, California, USA (German)
Deep sky photography on the Hidden Hill Observatory, California, USA
Deep sky (prime focus)

  • Sun:

    Solar H-Alpha observing campaign 2017
    Solar H-Alpha observing campaign 2016
    Solar H-Alpha observing campaign 2015
    Partial solar eclipse, October 23rd 2014, Fremont, CA, USA
    Solar H-Alpha observing campaign 2014
    Annular solare eclipse, May 20th 2012, Fallon, NV, USA
    Total solar eclipse, March 29th 2006, Aksaray, Turkey
    Partial solar eclipse, May 31st 2003
    Sun, Spring 2003 (German)
    Sun, Winter 2002-2003 (German)
    Sunspots summer 2002 (German)
    Sunspots in April 2002 including an animated rotation (German)
    Giant sunspot AR9 393, March 2001 (German)
    Partial eclipse of the Sun, December 25th, 2000 ( German )
    Prominences ( German )


    Lunar observing campaign 2016
    Total lunar eclipse, September 28th 2015 (Fremont, California)
    Total lunar eclipse, October 8th 2014 (California)
    Total lunar eclipse, April 15th 2014 (California)
    Thin crescent Moon with earth shine May 2009
    Total lunar eclipse, February 21st 2008 (Fremont, California)
    Total lunar eclipse, August 28th 2007 (Fremont, California)
    Thin crescent Moon with earth shine June 2007
    Conjuntion of the Moon and Venus 2007 May 19
    Total eclipse of the moon on May 16 2003
    Moon rise and earth shadow from high flying airplane
    Digital imaging of a full month (in progress)
    Observation of lunar eclipse during daylight


    Planetary observing campaign 2017
    Transit of Mercury 2016 May 9th
    Planetary observing campaign 2016
    Moon, Venus and Jupiter in the evening sky 2015-06-20
    Jupiter observing campaign 2015
    Moon, Venus and Mars in the evening sky 2015-02-20
    Venus and Mercury in the evening sky 2015-01-12
    Venus Transit 2012 May 5/6
    Mercury Transit 2006 November 8th
    Mars opposition 2005
    Mercury, Venus and Saturn from the Hidden Hill Observatory
    Jupiter 2004 with Philips PCV 740K Webcam
    Mars, Jupiter and Saturn 2003 with Philips PCV 740K Webcam
    Saturn transits in front of M1 (Crab Nebula) January 2003
    Moon occults Venus during daytime July 17 2001
    Venus in February and March 2001
    Mercury transit Nov. 15 1999
    Venus Jupiter conjunction 2/1999
    The Moon occults Saturn Dec. 9th 1997
    Planetary photography


    Stardust Reentry Observation Jan 2006
    2001 Leonids

    Excursions, Presentations, Techniques, Software and Links


    TVS visit to Lick Observatory 2016-06-07
    The Hidden Hill Observatory gets a new roof
    CCD Observation on Kitt Peak
    Oktober 2002 Hawaii: Kilauea Vulkan und Mauna Kea Observatorium (german)
    Visit on Mauna Kea, Hawaii at the James Clerk Maxwell Radio Telescope


    Digital Astronomy (Still Camera, Webcam, CCD, Camcorder) EAS Feb. 2004
    Digital cameras and Webcams for Amateur Astronomie TVS 2003
    Digital Astronomy (Still Camera, CCD) TVS 2001

    Techniques and Telescope Making:

    Cleaning a Meade 10inch SCT corrector
    Auto collimation testing
    Analyzing ghost images in the Lunt LS100PT DS (Double Stack) unit
    Adjusting the image scale of the Lunt LS60PT to fit the DMK41 camera chip size
    A test of the TS field-flattener on a 5" F6.3 APO
    A simple Ronchi tester based on a film grating
    A low profile magnetic finder holder
    Backfocus analysis for a Meade 12" LX200ACF OTA
    Medium format lens adapter for ST10XME
    Positioning of a coma corrector for the ST10XME CCD camera

    10" Ritchey Chretien Cassegrain ATM Project

    Mechanical design
    Making the optics (primary mirror)
    Making the optics (secondary mirror)
    Making a new primary mirror

    Michelson interferometer setup
    EAS Telescope makers workshop 8" mirror ronchi test
    (NEW!) Micro crontroller compensation for drift guiding with the ST4
    Experiments on CCD image calibration, August 2001
    Analysis of tube flexure
    Image processing for planetary and eclipse photos
    Enhancing deep sky photographs by stacking multiple images
    Compensating for vignetting
    Image processing software

    My Amateur Astronomical Links

    Tri Valley Stargazers
    Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte e.V.
    Axel Mellinger Astrofotography
    Stathis Kafalis Telescope Making

    G. Gottschalk, March 2017